Current MPhil/PhD students

︎︎︎ Anne Julie Arnfred

︎︎︎ Mariam Atieh

︎︎︎ Marie-Charlotte Carrier

︎︎︎ Ofri Cnaani

︎︎︎ Joselyne Contreras Cerda
︎︎︎ Jiaying Gao

︎︎︎ Stu Hanson

︎︎︎ Deniz Kirkali

︎︎︎ Ka Yuet Lau
︎︎︎ Francesca Lazzarini

︎︎︎ Weitian Liu

︎︎︎ Iris Long

︎︎︎ Elham Puriya Mehr

︎︎︎ Alison Moloney

︎︎︎ Camilla Palestra

︎︎︎ John Angel Rodriguez
︎︎︎ Esther Siddiquie

︎︎︎ Vaida Stepanovaite

︎︎︎ Aisling Ward

︎︎︎ Xavier Acarín Wieland

Current MRes students

︎︎︎ Poppy Bowers

︎︎︎ Scott Burrell

︎︎︎ Patricia Roig Canepa

︎︎︎ Gema Darbo

︎︎︎ Susanne Ewerlöf

︎︎︎ Zoe Keller
Curator for a private art collection, Geneva
Years of study:
The Eranos Collection—A Place of Imaginative and Political Encounters (w/t)

Collaborative practice project with the artist Batia Suter

Working from a photographic archive of archetypal images from the ’20s collected by the Eranos group based in South Switzerland, the aim of the research is to reverse and destabilize the original dimension of the collection constituted as a whole and to question the notion of the archetype (Jung) through different assemblages and disassemblages of the images in an artist’s book. Our research is staged as a space of investigation for political and imaginative encounters with a multiplicity of entry points. It is a place to question how an archive built in the ’20s from an imperialistic enterprise behaves today, as well as to confront the representational and non-representational components of the collection with a new set of speculative relations in order to opacify (Glissant) its initial set of conditions.

︎︎︎ Heidi Rustgaard

︎︎︎ Haruna Takeda
︎︎︎ Aliaskar Torkaliaskari