Past PhD students

︎︎︎ Ofri Cnaani (2021)

︎︎︎ Anne Julie Arnfred (2024)

︎︎︎ Joselyne Contreras Cerda

︎︎︎ Joni Zhu (2021)

︎︎︎ Fereshte Moosavi Jafari (2020)

︎︎︎ Vipash Purichanont (2020)

The think-tank structure makes us learn from each other as much as learning from the programme. The environment encourages the act of thinking beyond disciplines and shapes my professional practice as a curator. (Read Vipash’s full testimonial)

︎︎︎ Theodor Ringborg (2020) 

Debate does not end with the art-object when the masterful vision of museology is disrupted. (Read Theodor’s full testimonial)

︎︎︎ María Bella (2019)
︎︎︎ Leire Vergara (2018)

The programme has allowed me to envision new possibilities for my own position as a professional curator. (Read Leire’s full testimonial)

︎︎︎ Bassam El Baroni (2017, MENAC + Outset Fellow)

︎︎︎ Roopesh Sitharan (2017)

︎︎︎ Je Yoon Moon (2016)

︎︎︎ Elisa Rusca (2016-, Visual Cultures)

︎︎︎ Carolina Rito (2016)

︎︎︎ Joshua Simon (2016)

︎︎︎ Grant Watson (2016)

The programme allowed me to explore curatorial ideas with peers from around the world. (Read Grant’s full testimonial)

︎︎︎ Cihat Arinc (2015) 

︎︎︎ Ronny Hardliz (2015-2016, Associate Researcher)
︎︎︎ Doreen Mende (2015)

My time and studies with Advanced Practices (Curatorial/Knowledge) has transformed my life. (Read Doreen’s full testimonial)

︎︎︎ Anshuman Dasgupta (2014)

The interdisciplinary direction of the programme opens up multiple possibilities in the fields of curation and critical thought. (Read Anshuman’s full testimonial)

︎︎︎ Ines Moreira (2014)

The opportunity to attend the Advanced Practices PhD (formerly Curatorial/Knowledge) program is a transformative experience to both professional development, in my case as a research curator and editor engaged with architecture and space, and to the birth of possible academic careers, in my case it permitted to start a career as a guest professor and as a post-doctoral researcher. (Read Ines’ full testimonial)

︎︎︎ Soyoung Park (2011)

︎︎︎ Taru Elfving (2009)
︎︎︎ Bruno Verner (2022, Visiting Visual Cultures student)
︎︎︎ Damjan Kokalevski (ETH Zürich Affiliate)

︎︎︎ Nida Ghouse (FICA Fellow)

︎︎︎ Samia Henni (ETH, Zurich Fellow)

︎︎︎ Srajana Kaikini (FICA Fellow)

︎︎︎ Aneta Szylak

︎︎︎ Huiying Chen

︎︎︎ Janna Graham

Past MRes students

︎︎︎ Zoe Keller

︎︎︎ Gema Darbo

︎︎︎ Soukaina Aboulaoula

︎︎︎ Jun Shen

︎︎︎ Vaida Stepanovaite

︎︎︎ Poppy Bowers

︎︎︎ Patricia Roig Canepa

︎︎︎ Susanne Ewerlöf

︎︎︎ Heidi Rustgaard

︎︎︎ Haruna Takeda

︎︎︎ Dennis Dizon

The MRes Advanced Practices programme takes exhibition-making and staging and flips it upside-down. (Read Dennis’ full testimonial)

︎︎︎ Mariam Atieh

︎︎︎ Silvia Caso 

︎︎︎ Ainslie Roddick

︎︎︎ Miguel Amado

︎︎︎ Ryan Inouye 

︎︎︎ Elvira Lamanna

︎︎︎ Claire Louise Staunton

︎︎︎ Elora Tescari

︎︎︎ Katerina Genidogan

︎︎︎ Mahan Moalemi (MOP Fellow)

︎︎︎ Meenakshi Thirukode (FICA Fellow)

︎︎︎ Nadia Christidi

︎︎︎ Lalthlan Chhuaha (FICA Fellow)